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Virtual Math Tutoring

These are the math areas I can help with:

Upper elementary
Middle school
Algebra I
Algebra II
Beginning or remedial college classes
Homeschool students and/or parents


** 25 years of classroom math teaching experience, mostly in middle school
** master’s degree in math education
**25 years of experience with individual after school help
** career dedicated to learning how students learn and helping them understand a math process rather than just memorizing a set of steps which leads to frustration
** specializing in algebra, pre-algebra, and translating the foreign language of math
** ability to make math accessible and meaningful to students regardless of learning style or ability level
** experienced with and enjoy working with students who are on the autism spectrum, have anxieties, learning disabilities, as well as students who are intellectually gifted and curious
**extreme patience, nonjudgmental acceptance, and thick skin when working with young people
** skilled in using real life examples so students will understand the math, created most of the middle school math questions in the Michigan MiClimb project
**experience with and ability to empathize the many feelings associated in not being able to understand math

I can work with existing texts, suggest resources, and evaluate the learner for what is needed to develop math confidence and skills. Please email me at to inquire about rates.