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Taming Fibromyalgia Through Fascia Blasting

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A relatively new process, fascia blasting, changed my life from despair and pain to active and happy. It allowed me to stop taking high doses of pain medication for fibromyalgia and go off all medications. Currently I take no prescription or over the counter medications. I do take supplements like D3 and B complex. In 2004 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The pain had increased slowly and steadily since September of 2003. Metatarsalgia had gone undiagnosed for several months and the pain was constant and moving increased it. I remember going to the doctor about a month later, thinking something was incredibly wrong because my entire arms were tingling fiercely, so much that I didn’t notice my feet and other areas were also numb and tingly. The fatigue gradually increased to epic proportions. Many people throw the fatigue word around loosely, but overwhelming tiredness is life altering. The air weighs down your body, like being covered with ten wet comforters. It feels like you’re walking through Jello. You can push through for a limited time, but eventually your body just gives out and stops being able to move. I remember… Read More »Taming Fibromyalgia Through Fascia Blasting