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The Essentials of Essential Oils

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I am in love with all things DIY with essential oils. There are some amazingly easy things you can make with them that are so good for you and so cheap! But I’m not going to lie, if you are a scent addict like me and want multiple scent combinations or effects, the cost can really add up. But starting small and adding a few oils at a time is reasonable. The start up costs may seem a lot at the time but you can make a year or two worth of products from one bottle of Castile soap. I especially like buying when oils are on sale, not a regular thing but it happens. Using oils in your home products will help you be physically healthier and reduce the air pollution of unnatural scents in your house. Using regular air fresheners, plug ins, sprays, and candles with artificial scents can seriously affect your air quality in the house. And now that so many people are spending more time inside their houses, clean air is even more important. Think about it, this air goes inside your lungs which then circulates … Read More »The Essentials of Essential Oils

About Me

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Hello! My name is Ann. I chose the name math nana because family is everything to me and I absolutely love math. I’m a retired math teacher who worked two years at the high school level, got a masters in math education, worked 23 years in middle school teaching 7th grade math, and then just for fun spent my last semester before retirement at the high school level. I really enjoyed doing higher level math again that semester. I have the best husband ever even though we are polar opposites. Kent, my husband works across the street, at the family golf course. I am mother to two amazing daughters and one terrific son. They have awesome spouses who are my children also. I have nine wonderful grandchildren, five girls and four boys, who call me nana. Their ages span from a college graduate (so proud!) to an almost one year old. I have a sister who is my best friend and two brothers. My parents are both deceased. Coffee with pi math humor photo                      Life is good photo My family… Read More »About Me