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Gluten Sensitivity A Possible Cause Of Unexplained Health Issues

Do you have unexplained and sudden bouts of exhaustion? Has your doctor been unable find the reason for the constant, life-altering pain? Are you depressed, have anxiety for no seeming reason? Are you having issues with your digestion or stomach pain? Does brain fog alter your ability to think, remember, or recall words? Have you gained and continue to gain weight no matter what you do? Is your stomach always bloated and your body shape changed from earlier days? I have no medical experience and am not giving medical advice. This is sharing personal experience and what I’ve learned from making a life altering discovery in hopes that it will help someone else who is suffering from health issues that defy diagnosis. Going gluten free is something to consider trying. Gluten can cause a system wide problem and show up in so many devastating ways. Often, doctors have no idea what is causing the issues and end up treating just the symptoms. These symptoms will continue until the actual cause is addressed. Going gluten free was the key to the castle for solving my unexplained and debilitating fibromyalgia. I had… Read More »Gluten Sensitivity A Possible Cause Of Unexplained Health Issues

Taming Fibromyalgia Through Fascia Blasting

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A relatively new process, fascia blasting, changed my life from despair and pain to active and happy. It allowed me to stop taking high doses of pain medication for fibromyalgia and go off all medications. Currently I take no prescription or over the counter medications. I do take supplements like D3 and B complex. In 2004 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The pain had increased slowly and steadily since September of 2003. Metatarsalgia had gone undiagnosed for several months and the pain was constant and moving increased it. I remember going to the doctor about a month later, thinking something was incredibly wrong because my entire arms were tingling fiercely, so much that I didn’t notice my feet and other areas were also numb and tingly. The fatigue gradually increased to epic proportions. Many people throw the fatigue word around loosely, but overwhelming tiredness is life altering. The air weighs down your body, like being covered with ten wet comforters. It feels like you’re walking through Jello. You can push through for a limited time, but eventually your body just gives out and stops being able to move. I remember… Read More »Taming Fibromyalgia Through Fascia Blasting

Making Healthy Changes in Self Talk

I’ve stopped making huge New Year’s resolutions and replaced them with small, sustainable steps. I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl and I guess I still am—mostly. But I’m learning to give myself grace. Three years of intensive work and I’m still learning. Most of us are our own worst critics, right? We tell ourselves things we wouldn’t dream is saying even to someone we don’t like or has treated us poorly. Here’s a healthy tip: if you’re going to say something bad about yourself, don’t say it in your head. Say it out loud. Better yet say it into a mirror. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to talk bad about yourself when you’re looking into your eyes. It’s like you’re insulting a real live person. And you are! When those kinds of thoughts cross your mind, try responding to yourself in the same way you would if a bully had been mean to your child or someone you love. Because that someone you love should include yourself. Why so much negative self-talk, especially by women? There is the obvious social media and… Read More »Making Healthy Changes in Self Talk

The Essentials of Essential Oils

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I am in love with all things DIY with essential oils. There are some amazingly easy things you can make with them that are so good for you and so cheap! But I’m not going to lie, if you are a scent addict like me and want multiple scent combinations or effects, the cost can really add up. But starting small and adding a few oils at a time is reasonable. The start up costs may seem a lot at the time but you can make a year or two worth of products from one bottle of Castile soap. I especially like buying when oils are on sale, not a regular thing but it happens. Using oils in your home products will help you be physically healthier and reduce the air pollution of unnatural scents in your house. Using regular air fresheners, plug ins, sprays, and candles with artificial scents can seriously affect your air quality in the house. And now that so many people are spending more time inside their houses, clean air is even more important. Think about it, this air goes inside your lungs which then circulates … Read More »The Essentials of Essential Oils