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Gluten Sensitivity A Possible Cause Of Unexplained Health Issues

Do you have unexplained and sudden bouts of exhaustion? Has your doctor been unable find the reason for the constant, life-altering pain? Are you depressed, have anxiety for no seeming reason? Are you having issues with your digestion or stomach pain? Does brain fog alter your ability to think, remember, or recall words? Have you gained and continue to gain weight no matter what you do? Is your stomach always bloated and your body shape changed from earlier days? I have no medical experience and am not giving medical advice. This is sharing personal experience and what I’ve learned from making a life altering discovery in hopes that it will help someone else who is suffering from health issues that defy diagnosis. Going gluten free is something to consider trying. Gluten can cause a system wide problem and show up in so many devastating ways. Often, doctors have no idea what is causing the issues and end up treating just the symptoms. These symptoms will continue until the actual cause is addressed. Going gluten free was the key to the castle for solving my unexplained and debilitating fibromyalgia. I had… Read More »Gluten Sensitivity A Possible Cause Of Unexplained Health Issues

Go For Your Dreams, Make Friends With Math

While  riding my bike this morning I thought about the at risk kids near our neighborhood who would benefit from making friends with math, sticking with it, rather letting fear get in the way. Math has a way of stopping people from reaching their highest dreams. What if you could dream big and go for whatever you want to do? When a story is brought to mind and then encouraged a second time in an unrelated fashion I know it’s something that is aching to be written, so I’m trusting that the right person(s) will benefit by reading this. I may have been a math teacher (now retired and tutoring), but in school I was not that student in the classroom raising an eager hand, answering those confusing questions the teacher asked. I was the one thinking “How can they possibly know what’s going on? The teacher made absolutely no sense.” And then the teacher carried on as if everyone else understood because that one student had mastered a barely presented concept. Memory got me through math class along with a ton of hard work. It helped that I ignored… Read More »Go For Your Dreams, Make Friends With Math