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Hello! My name is Ann. I chose the name math nana because family is everything to me and I absolutely love math. I’m a retired math teacher who worked two years at the high school level, got a masters in math education, worked 23 years in middle school teaching 7th grade math, and then just for fun spent my last semester before retirement at the high school level. I really enjoyed doing higher level math again that semester.

I have the best husband ever even though we are polar opposites. Kent, my husband works across the street, at the family golf course. I am mother to two amazing daughters and one terrific son. They have awesome spouses who are my children also. I have nine wonderful grandchildren, five girls and four boys, who call me nana. Their ages span from a college graduate (so proud!) to an almost one year old. I have a sister who is my best friend and two brothers. My parents are both deceased.

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My family is so special. We have a lot of strong opinions with completely different beliefs and ways of seeing the world but we respect each other and allow for these differences. Mostly we just tease or mess with each other about our differences. That’s not to say that there is no drama…we have drama, but the best thing is that we always get through it—intact. Our group texts are entertaining and the LOLs are literal.


I love doing math, learning math, and helping others succeed and be confident in math. Doing and explaining algebra is one of my favorite pastimes–so much fun! I usually can’t stop myself from trying to fix a price sticker from .95–less than a penny to $.95.  I would have studied science too, but I had three kids under the age of five while attending college. Studying psychology instead was super helpful as a math teacher. I use my science leanings to search for natural cures and things that will help me and my family be healthier. Below you can see the transformation to health in pictures over the last few years.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 and spent years trying to find natural cures to get at the root cause while doctors gave me medications to cover up the symptoms. But this allowed me to keep working. I asked if there was something else I could do to get to the root cause but didn’t get any good answers, so I went on a mission to find out for myself. I’ve done a ton of research on things that help and gradually gained more energy and less pain but was not able to get off medications until I started fascia blasting. God bless Ashley Black! Recently I became gluten free and what I call a flexitarian, which for me is mostly vegan but with cheats without feeling guilty when I stray. This helps me not get derailed. I am complicated to take to a restaurant, but my husband is supportive of my gluten intolerance and joins me in drastically reducing his meat and dairy intake. I tried cheating on gluten after a few months of being gluten free and the exhaustion and pain came back. Pain is a powerful motivator.

God has graciously allowed difficulties in life so that I can be understanding and stronger person who has a desire to help others who are struggling. After being through so many life circumstances that cause physical and emotional pain, there is no judgement and a lot of empathy and support for others. My mom was bipolar and I’m as sure as I can be, without a diagnosis, that both of my parents were narcissists. Now with that recipe we have an interesting mix of issues weaving through the generations. Two of my grandchildren are autistic. All of this adds a bit of spice to our lives. Perhaps we are a bit over seasoned, but spicy works for us.

We fly from Michigan to Florida for the winter and amazing friends in a park for people over 55. This is definitely a great time to be retired, especially from teaching. Thank you teachers for doing your best in what continues to be a new world. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m awed and thankful for all that you do.

I make a lot of own cleaning and self-care products using essential oils and natural ingredients. I love making jewelry and have a facebook page where my daughter and I sell jewelry and lip balm. It’s called “Jewelry and Stuff by Kerri Ann and Ann Marie.” I’ve learned a lot of helpful things for staying physically and emotionally healthier that I’d like to share on this blog. I’d also like to share some tips from the educational process, especially math, that will hopefully help people. Staying healthy also makes learning easier, so these things will go together well to help the whole person. I belong to three amazing groups that support, amaze, and help me be a better person. One is a health and wellness group called “Food School Holistic Teachings.” Another is “The Writing of the Book”. And last but not least is “Fascia Blasters For Women.” These are such positive and supportive groups of women empowering women. I’m going to shamelessly and unapologetically borrow things I’ve learned from these groups to share with others here. I hope you like it!


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